Stair Railing Question

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I'm trying to remove a railing from a bottom stair in my plan and don't see any options in the stair properties to do this.


I did find a help article about placing railing manually.


I tried this and while it did allow me to place a railing on the desired steps, it had the negative effect of causing the wall below the steps to disappear. If I redraw the wall then the railing disappears. What am I missing?



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Stairs have an Open Underneath option. Try unchecking it.


You might need to manually create 2 stair sections with the first section (first 2 steps) having no railing.


Attach plan for best suggestions.

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Thank you, Eric. That was it. But, it now seems that the space under the stairs and the main room are grouped together into one room. I must have something misaligned. I'll work on it a bit and if I can't figure it out I'll attach my plan for more help. 


Thanks again. 

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