Roof Troubles With Long Dormer


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Hey ya'll. I'm new here and fairly new to the software. We are using Home Designer Pro 2021.
Can anyone point me to a video or how to on drawing a house as pictured or possibly know the answer yourself.

I can't figure out how to specify the right stuff so that when I build roof planes it doesn't look all weird and funky.


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I see you said Pro 2021.


You can help everyone by adding that info to your signature (see below for how to turn them on) by clicking on your user name at the top right of the page, click Account Settings, then Signature on the left.


Doing so makes it always available, and keeps others from having to hunt for it.


And, turn on signature display too.






Resources for self help:


The built in Help System (always a good place to start)




Home Designer - Getting Started - Setting Preferences and Defaults
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23 minutes ago, xtrememtnbiker said:

I can't figure out how to specify the right stuff so that when I build roof planes it doesn't look all weird and funky.


If you tell us what you are doing, and show a screen capture of "all weird and funky" someone might be able to give you some suggestions.


See the links posted above for articles and videos, and i think I have a shed dormer video on my channel.


The simple answer is with Pro and its roof tools (auto and manual), what you show should be simple.

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So I realize now I did a poor job of explaining my problem and I didn't think about uploading screen shots of what's going on... Duh!
We are building a kitchen addition and a master suite addition and I think it's clear which is which. The kitchen addition will have a 2/12 pitch shed roof which will meet the back of the house at the second story wall just under the windows.

The master quite addition will have a split pitch roof. The portion over the bedroom and bathroom is undecided but it could be a 8/12 or so and then the shed roof over the office
that you enter into from the existing house would be a 3/12 or so and the windows above will get replaced with shorter windows.

You can see from my one perspective view where I'm trying to draw the appropriate walls on the second floor of the house to be able to get the 12/12 pitch that's on the ends and then the 6/12 pitch that is on the long "dormer" if you want to call it that. I'm clearly not doing something right though because when I click build roof you can see what it draws...

I know the roofs of the additions need to land onto something and I just can't figure out to how to specify the right stuff there. My wife and I are both just starting to use this software and she has begun watching tutorials and stuff so we will be able to utilize it better but any help you can offer would be appreciated.


Floor Plan.jpg


Roof Perspective.jpg

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You might begin by watching the last video I linked above.


Start by creating an accurate model of the existing house. All you need are walls and roof. Resist the urge to fill it up with cabinets, cars, pictures on the wall, electrical etc.


Once this is complete, copy it and add the structure of your addition. I'd learn manual roofs and not try to use the automatic roof builder. See the links above and I have a Roofs playlist on my YouTube channel, and David Potter has many more on his channel.

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