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I have a Split Roof that I need to fill in between the roof sections.  Don't know how to fill in.

I need to create a wall that fill-in between the upper roof to the lower roof.  See the attached jpeg.

I'm now thinking that there needs to be a wall that somehow goes from first floor up to the underside of the roof at the split.


The fill is too large to attach but if you send your email I can send you my file.

Home Designer Pro 2018




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I have my own zoom account and charge $75.00 per hour for one on one help.


This sort of thing is a matter of programming walls as "Pony Walls" where a single wall is split into two wall types with editable "Wall Poly Lines" so you an shape the exterior half to show to the exterior and the interior part to fit into the inter section or something similar to that. I do this all the time in Pro or Chief Premier.



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