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Loving HDS for helping figure out what we want to do with a new poolhouse, but am having massive issues getting terrain to correctly mimic my backyard.  I created terrain regions for the pool deck, hot tub deck and lower pool deck.  I used object snap to snap the lines to each other so there should be no space between the 


Here's a photo of the backyard in present form:




Here's a render of a potential pool house.  Note the spire of frustration next to the hot tub:



Here's my terrain regions and terrain features for the lower pool deck, upper pool deck and top of hot tub level.  Note I used object snap to try and place all the contours on each other so there should be no issues with gaps.



Here's the resulting terrain render:




Is there a best practice to place terrain regions and line so they play well when you have discrete changes from one area to another?  I'm happy to hare the .plan file but it is 36 MB in present form.  Can maybe share via Google Drive if someone is interested in opening the file. 


Thanks in advance!

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Anomalous terrain spikes are commonly caused by crossing elevation objects (lines, splines, points, regions) or placing them too close together. The terrain is designed/programmed to create a gradient between differing height values so when they are placed too close to each other you get unwanted terrain artifacts as in your posted image. Space them out and let them flow to each other will work better.



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It looks nice already, but if I were you, I'd think ahead about the furniture design. Whan I was creating my backyard patio, I realised that I don't know anything about the furniture, lmao. So th problem was to pick a couple comfy chairs, which are easy to carry in a shed when it rains. I looked through tones of 'guides', cause one can't simply find what he needs on amazon, so I ended up reading this article

Hope It might help you as well


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