Deck support post - how to keep from showing in 3D


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I have a drawing with a deck that is 9 feet off the ground at a 30 degree angle in a corner of the house.

How do I prevent support posts and beam from being added underneath??

In this application none are needed.

Thanks for your help.



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Depending upon what software title and its version, you can simply select and delete the unwanted posts (not all titles have this ability). Or you can select and resize those posts (if you can select them that is).


What software specific title (Pro, Architectural, Suite, Interiors, Essentials) do you have and what is its version number?



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saw this tip today on Chieftalk today


 Q.   "I went to Defaults>Room>Deck default settings and unclicked "deck support beams", "deck support posts", and "deck footings" , but they are still generating on the plan when I build the decks.



A.    Default Settings...Rooms...Deck Room...Deck Room Defaults dbx...Deck panel...uncheck Automatically regenerate deck framing


assuming your title can do this ?

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