Gap in gable wall

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Can anyone tell me why I have a gap like this in my gable wall?  I see the gap in the dotted lines, but I don't know what it means. This is a 1 1/2 story, and when I build the roof first with an 18 inch ceiling, the walls are fine.  Then when I go back and raise the ceiling height to the default, I get these gaps.  You can see there are two other gaps, also.


image.thumb.png.c0c87e5ef330ee1b108487a9ebb69662.pngimage.thumb.png.28b6b2038e2424d4af63089d0e71f133.pngimage.thumb.png.2b7efd61f07a905355713e6ca317c7b7.png  Here's the view from above.

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When you raised the ceiling, it allowed the interior wall to be exposed.  Pro has a roof setting to fix that, but Architectural does not.

So, you will have to cover it up.  Either use a wedge shape from the library, or the custom backsplash tool.

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