Butt-jointing exterior wall intersections

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Good afternoon Home Designer experts


Need some guidance please regarding control of intersections between exterior walls of differing types.  With reference to the images posted here:


Garage 1 image - this shows a camera of the proposed garage.  The main residence is to be brick veneer.  The garage will be either 110 mm thick brick (Australian) with engaged piers 230 mm piers, or 190 mm rendered concrete block.  For the moment I am showing brick veneer for the garage and note that I have left a disconnected section of wall for now.  The red circles underline the points of concern.


Garage image 2 - plan of garage.  The red circle marked with a cross typifies the problem.  Whether I choose a single brick or block wall type, or veneer as shown, the masonry element connects through to the interior which is not permissible. Garage 3 image is a zoom in.



Is it possible to create a straight butt joint between the walls of the garage and the brick veneer residence walls?  This is how it will be constructed in Australia, using wall ties whilst also creating an articulation joint (crack prevention).


Many thanks.


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JamieF - Home Designer Pro 2021 Build: - Windows

Garage 1.JPG

Garage 2.JPG

Garage 3.JPG

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Thank you so much.  Brilliant work-around....obvious now that you have so expertly demonstrated.


Actually, the latent 'gap' created by the room divider can literally serve as the wall articulation joint. Perfect!


Regards, and thanks again



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