Is Living Area Calculated Incorrectly?

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I'm using Home Designer Architectural 2021 (and loaded a plan drawn up in Home Designer Interiors 2015).


I just did a simple test of living area calculations by making a 3x3 "house".  This was 3x3 as measured from the outside of the framing, but not including the bricks and sure enough the "living area" is 9 square feet right on the nose.  If bricks and other exterior layers were included as they should be it would be 14 square feet.  I did some quick math by measuring the exterior perimeter of the 2800 square foot house I've been designing, and it's really a 2950 square foot house.  I guess it's about to get a lot smaller unless professional draftsmen also calculate in this way (that would be a relief).


Moving on... the help manual implies it can be calculated in two different ways:


"Living Area is measured from either the outside surface or the outer surface of the Main Layer of exterior walls"


Is there a way to pick and choose how this calculation is done?

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