Real-world Terrain Question

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I have a real-world terrain question for you designers.  This isn't a "how do you do it in the program" question.  


I found an accurate county terrain map and have created the terrain for my site.  Based on the plat the builders gave me, I think I'm pretty close to where the house is supposed to sit.  It's going to have a walkout basement, and it sits on a slope.  However, the slope goes downhill at an angle to the house (see .pdf).


My question is this:  how will the builders likely grade the backside of the house?  The clearing limit will be about 25' or so from the back (green line).


Page 1 of the .pdf shows the layout and terrain.  Page 2 shows the backside of the house without anything done to affect the terrain slope.


Is this a "it depends on the builders" issue?  Or is there a standard guideline for what to do in this situation?  I've asked the builders for an accurate plan when they have it done.  But with covid, I think they're behind a bit.


This is more for my understanding than anything.  But I'm interested in playing with the terrain to see if I can accurately build the backyard.




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This is more a point of placing the house on your lot in such a way that enhances your view, drainage, local weather stresses and the economy of the dirt-work required to accept the intended home.You may wish to consult with a State Licensed Structural Engineer for advice.



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