Export to Turbocad from Home Designer Suite 2019

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Hello All,


I Need assistance please.  I have created the drawing of the home I want to build.  (The basic's) and need to share that with a builder to quote on.  He has a program called Turbocad.


I have tried to export the floor plan in every format, (Including DXF), and he cannot read the files, they show up as blank documents in his program. 


No matter what options I try, they are unsuccessful.


Is there anyone that knows how to save the home designer format to the Turbocad format, or would be willing to convert the file for me with some Super wizardy software?


Any help welcome.





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Hi there Solver,


Either TCW or DWG formats.


I will consider the paper option thanks for the suggestion.  Was just hoping not to have them have to redraw stuff, as I am an amateur,


Many thanks


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