Home designer pro not recognizing attic space as a room

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I have been working on creating a finished attic space/loft in home designer pro. The software is not recognizing my space as a room, so I am unsure how to proceed. Please let me know if you have any suggestions!


The first image shows the space in plan view with the two interior walls being knee walls. 

The second image shows a perspective view of the loft to show the issues as a whole. 


Thanks in advance!

plan view.JPG



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This software works as it was designed to work and not otherwise. In order to have an attic room, one must first create a blank second floor, leaving the first floor roofs in place. That action then creates a situation where an "Attic" room can then be created. Walls already on the new "Second floor - aka attic" are auto-generated walls and cannot be used to create closed rooms in the new attic space. this action also automatically creates a new "<A> or Attic" level in the model or plan file. That new attic area <A> also cannot now be used to create "Living Spaces". That is the way the software is programmed to work. This is not arcane knowledge but is rather well explained in your "Reference Manual"., found under the "Help" menu. There are also several good articles on this subject, found at the Home Designer Website - Knowledge Base under the search term "Attic Room",  take a look and see for yourself.



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