Importing 3D models from .dwg or .dfx


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I started using a new app called that creates 3D models from pictures. It's really impressive. 


This is what they generated and it's accurate within inches:




I'd like to import their model into Home Designer Pro so I can make edits to the exterior. 


However, I can only figure out how to import a 3D symbol or CAD lines. Is there a way to import the attached files as .plan file so they can be edited?


The files they provide do not provide the textures and colors, but that is fine. 







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Hover has been discussed on ChiefTalk and it seems you should get a PDF with dimensions, and the model, but you cannot do much (maybe anything) with the model in HD or Chief.


People using Hover are doing so to get the dimensions, then using them to create an as built within Chief.

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