problem creating loft


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Hi! I just submitted the question below to tech support and thought I might also post it here. Just started learning how to use the program, so any general tips would be welcome. 

I am trying to create a loft. I have followed the quick start video At about 27 minutes, she adds a stairwell automatically, then moves the railing on the second floor. As soon as she joins it to the wall, a large section of the second floor vanishes, creating a loft. But when I do that, it doesn't work, the floor remains. The only difference I can see is that I use a single straight railing to connect to the wall while she does this in two steps making a 90 degree turn. Also, I was unable to align the ascending railing with the extended railing to the 2nd floor wall.



Using HD pro 2021

Dan's loft trial.plan

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