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  1. danmor

    editing dimensions

    change the length of the line. I drug the perimeter around the house which left the house a bit different than I wanted. Didn't want 22' 6" but 25' even, for example.
  2. danmor

    editing dimensions

    Thanks guys. I just want to edit the distance to the perimeter.
  3. Thanks! I found it under Edit. But I didn't find Customize Toolbars.
  4. I'm following along in the Landscape Design tutorial video. At around 7:50 she edits the Behaviors in Prefs to Concentric. I made the same changes and got the Concentric Jump icon with my mouse but when I selected my perimeter, the Copy and Paste in Place tool didn't show up. I was able to make the same dotted line inside the perimeter change by using the Copy tool instead. What's up with no Copy in Place tool?
  5. danmor

    editing dimensions

    don't understand your question
  6. danmor

    editing dimensions

    I found that clicking and dragging to select at least one end of the line seems to work. Is that it and is there any other way to do this?
  7. danmor

    editing dimensions

    I have edited dimensions before, but seem to be doing something different now. I created an end to end dimension, then single clicked it, which just selected it. Double clicking opened up a popup diemsion line spec window. Thanks, Dan
  8. danmor

    Design Idea Sources

    Yes their, Pintrest, and lots of house plan sites.
  9. danmor

    Design Idea Sources

    I have a good idea of the size and style of house I want to build. 800 sf main floor, half of it open to ceiling above, other above half for master and small loft. Walk out basement. Detached garage with insulated connecting breezeway. Something like this: http://www.linwoodhomes.com/house-plans/plans/cavendish/ but with just the master above. Is there an area on this site where I can get some inspiration from others' ideas? Or on the net? Right now I'm trying to put figure out the exterior. Would like to break up some of the large planes of the roofs and walls. Thanks, Dan
  10. Perfect! Thanks, Dan
  11. Thanks. I'll try that. Is that how she did it, or are there other ways, too? Dan
  12. Hi! I just submitted the question below to tech support and thought I might also post it here. Just started learning how to use the program, so any general tips would be welcome. I am trying to create a loft. I have followed the quick start video https://www.homedesignersoftware.com/videos/watch/10138/home-designer-quick-start.html At about 27 minutes, she adds a stairwell automatically, then moves the railing on the second floor. As soon as she joins it to the wall, a large section of the second floor vanishes, creating a loft. But when I do that, it doesn't work, the floor remains. The only difference I can see is that I use a single straight railing to connect to the wall while she does this in two steps making a 90 degree turn. Also, I was unable to align the ascending railing with the extended railing to the 2nd floor wall.Thanks,Dan Using HD pro 2021 Dan's loft trial.plan