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I have a bit of an obscure question. When I set a kitchen island, I usually have at least 1 pendant light over the bar area. What is the best way to bring that pendant light to the appropriate height above the bar and not distort the fixture? I can set the height of course, but the chain does not go to the ceiling so it just appears to float in mid air. Thank you for any help on the matter.

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Symbols are usually set to stretch correctly, so in a camera view if you select the light and drag it down, it will stretch along the chain/shaft and the light fixture will remain unchanged.


You can make the same adjustments via its dialog too. There is a Help button in each dialog that will open Help to the correct section and often a bit of reading will answer a question.


Also, just experimenting with the settings will often find the answer.



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That particular light has no stretch zone defined. Here is one that works, but the chain will not look too good as it's short to begin with.


Save this file, then drag it into an open Pro window to import. The symbol will be in your User Library.


Dover Pendant.calibz

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Thank you Solver. Is that something that is adjustable in Chief Premier? I am really on the fence on upgrading. My house plan business is doing well enough that I can justify the expense. But I have managed to make Home Designer Pro work for all this time and supplemented very little with AutoCad.

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Chief lets you create and modify symbols. In this case, I added a stretch plane as seen here.





Say you want a specific garage door, or cabinet door that is not in the library. You create one. 


You can easily add moldings, and create your own molding profiles.


Layouts may have unlimited pages.


Real Layers -- you can create layers and layer sets.


Basically there are many advantages to Premier, but it really depends on your needs and what your customers expect.


To stay current with Chief will cost about $600/year.


There is much to learn with Chief too. Everything you know about Pro will transfer, but to fully utilize it will take study and work.


Download the trial and spend some time with it and the documentation.

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