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  1. Wow! That is a lot like dynamic blocks in Autocad but much better, haha. I will definitely grab a trial version as soon as I can. I think it is time to make that jump.
  2. Thank you Solver. Is that something that is adjustable in Chief Premier? I am really on the fence on upgrading. My house plan business is doing well enough that I can justify the expense. But I have managed to make Home Designer Pro work for all this time and supplemented very little with AutoCad.
  3. Here is an attached image of what I have going on. I am surely missing something.
  4. Why the down vote? I honestly don't understand that.
  5. I have a bit of an obscure question. When I set a kitchen island, I usually have at least 1 pendant light over the bar area. What is the best way to bring that pendant light to the appropriate height above the bar and not distort the fixture? I can set the height of course, but the chain does not go to the ceiling so it just appears to float in mid air. Thank you for any help on the matter.
  6. Does anybody happen to have roof pitch triangles that can be added to the User catalog?
  7. Hrmm. Is there a setting to select that or layer to turn on?
  8. HDbyJustin

    Frieze Board

    I wanted to see what others are doing for frieze boards on brick homes. I have either used soffits or just skipped them all together.
  9. HDbyJustin


    I upgraded and the freedom of sheet sizes is worth the cost of admission in my opinion. I am still looking for all of the improvements but so far so good. They have added some controls for stairs and railings which I am happy to see. I am on the edge of going to Chief Premier. If the market continues to boom in my area and business stays good I will make the leap.But I am doing well with Pro 2021 too.
  10. HDbyJustin

    Porch Columns

    I just upgraded from Pro 2020 to Pro 2021, as my signature shows. In Pro 2020, when I had selected the railing style to be Post to Beam it would display the posts in plan view. I have noticed in 2021 that is no longer the case. I have not seen a setting for this, but has anyone else noticed this? Thank you
  11. I wanted to see what the best way to have the foundation wall line up under my framing as opposed to the pony wall.
  12. HDbyJustin

    Foundation Wall

    I wanted to see what the best way to have the foundation wall line up under my framing as opposed to the pony wall. In our area we just run our brick all the wall down to the footing so I wanted to create this scenario so that my foundation plan lines up correctly. Thank you
  13. I have a client that is wanting a 3d rendering of a huge farm style home. I am wanting to create a built up molding but not sure if this is doable. Any tips are appreciated.
  14. Well I will correct myself, my theory did not work. The text is still incredibly small, even when I scale the pdf up 200%. Any suggestions on setting the text height?
  15. It seems to work pretty good, it does make it difficult to see on screen since the text in view is so small.
  16. Nothing wrong with it, I was just wondering if that was what other people were doing. If there is a better way I like to use the better way.
  17. Ok, I will try this again and maybe explain better what I am looking to do. I will attach a "cheat sheet" I have used for years with text heights based on scale. My background is Autocad and model space. Since there is a print limitation on the HomeDesigner package, I am printing to 12x18 (Arch.B) and then doubling in Adobe to a 24x26. My floor plans are almost always 1/4" = 1'-0". In order for that floor plan to fit on a 12x18 sheet, I have to send it to the layout at 1/8" = 1'-0". The only issue I have is text height during this process. At 1/8" = 1'-0", text height would be 9" printed, if I double the pdf @ 200% to print on a 24x36 and give me a 1/4" = 1'-0" print, the text height becomes 18" instead of 4-1/2" (which is my standard 1/4" = 1'-0" text height). Is anybody else fighting this or is it just me? I have gone through all the settings and presets since that is the standard go to answer around here. And I am also aware that the software does what I tell it to do and so on and so forth. I am merely asking what others are doing to work around this. My fix at this point, using the above example is setting the text to be a text height for a 1/2" = 1'-0" scale so that when it doubles it will leave me with a text height of 4-1/2". Scale Chart.pdf
  18. - - - - - - - -. That is a hidden line. Its just the architectural standard for showing upper cabinets. Has been for years. I have had a few clients (contractors) that are not used to seeing them not hidden. It would just save a question, that is all.
  19. I may have overlooked it, but is there a way to have the wall cabinets display on the plan view as hidden lines? I know it is how I was taught in drafting school and is considered the "standard" but I was not seeing it as an option here. My work around has been giving them a solid fill matching the background, then a 50% transparency. It is acceptable, but wanted to ask.
  20. HDbyJustin

    Text Styles

    Standard drafting calls for either 5/32 or 1/8 of overall scale factor for text height. I was just simply trying to confirm my suspicion that it did not scale automatically. I have been adjusting it manually but I was trying to see if there was a faster way. Sorry.
  21. HDbyJustin

    Text Styles

    The documentation just does not do a good job of explaining whether the software uses a scale factor to adjust the text heights is why I asked. I typically run AutoCAD professionally and I am familiar with it.
  22. HDbyJustin

    Text Styles

    Can someone please explain dimensions styles to me? The default appears to be 1/4" = 1'-0". The plan I am working on will only fit at 1/8" = 1'-0". Then my elevations will be at a different scale in order to make it fit, as usual. When I send these plans/elevations to, is the text being adjusted automatically? For example, the 1/4" scale has a text height of 6", the 1/8" has a text height of 12", how do I ensure that my text height is correct on the layout when I sent it at 1/8"? I have some down time right now and I am just trying to refine my layout sheets. I apologize if this is a confusing question.
  23. HDbyJustin

    Boxed Eaves

    I seem to loose my boxed eave at times. Usually on one side of a gable and the other will be fine. What are some things to look for to see what might be causing that? I don't see anything super obvious. I am sure I have done something to create this problem since the opposite side of my gable still has its boxed eave. Thank you
  24. I wanted to ask how others are doing their porches with columns. When I do a porch, I use the straight railings which does not show the columns on the plan view so that I can dimension them on the plans. I am probably going about it the wrong way. I have just always used a closed polyline to create something to snap to on the plan.
  25. I would add be sure to talk to some contractors in your area. We are in south Alabama and we do things quite a bit different in some areas. One big one is that when we brick a home, the brick runs all the way down and sits down on the footing. It's been that way for years and years so there are subtle differences between locales. Having that information can help you when you are setting up and getting things drawn in correctly as opposed to just a pretty picture.