Gable Roof Lines and Ridge Matching


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I am having difficulty accomplishing two things in my version of Home Designer Pro 2020 and have attached some pictures as well as the plan to better describe the issue.


Firstly, the plan has front bump out with a gable end and I wish for that gable end to be mirrored on the other side.  I have watched some training videos and how gable lines work.  I must have implemented it incorrectly as the gable end does not generate in attached picture "A".  I have successfully generated a gable end by breaking the exterior wall on the bedroom wall, but by doing that the ridgelines do not match with the front gable end.




Secondly, in picture "B" I wish to have that ridgeline formed by the two gable ends intersect with the main ridgeline with a gable end as well, not a hip roof as it is generated.  How is this




I am a master electrician and not ignorant of construction, but I am neither an architect or carpenter, so please forgive any incorrect terminology.  I am also very new at this program and feel as though this is a "noob" problem, so again please forgive my ignorance.  I am enjoying the program immensely and want to become skilled with it.  I have a drop on a decent piece of property and intend to build a house generated in this program.


Thank you very much in advance for any guidance and help!


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I downloaded your plan when it was posted on ChiefTalk and had a look.


1) I noticed stairs, so I assume you will have a 2nd floor. If so, it needs to be built prior to working on the roof.


2) You have set the pitch in many of the walls overriding the default setting. 


3) Use Gable Roof Lines as a last resort.


To answer your questions, add the 2nd floor.


Go to Edit>Reset to Defaults. Choose All Floors, then check everything below. That gets things back to a known state. Set the desired walls to Full Gable.


For the gable on the rear, break the wall and set it to Full Gable.


For the gable outlined in red, probably manual roof planes, so I'd get the rest of the roof as close as you are able, then tackle manual roofs.


With Pro, you really should learn about manual roofs. Not difficult, but do take some practice.

Also, it's rare -- really rare that I see a DIY design, both plan and exterior that does not need work. If you are open to having your efforts critiqued, post in the Building a Home forum on Houzz.


And here is what I came up with, not knowing much about the interior.





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Thank you very much for your time and expertise, both of which I know are valuable!


I do know that any kind of plans I design will need thorough reworking by a professional.  I am looking to be as involved in the process as possible and have access to 3d modeling for visualization of the outcome.  I am using this program as a starting point and then hand it to a professional architect for reviewal and revisions.  For instance, the plan you put together based on my version is refined and, well, gorgeous compared to mine


I will do my homework on manual roofs and thank you for the link.  I need as much critique as I can get

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