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I am new to the Home designer world. I purchased Home Designer Architectural 2015 last month. I recently upgraded to the Professional version because I needed the extra features.

I am trying to design a home that is tucked into hill. The lot I have is pretty steep. I have designed the structure just fine, but building the terrain around it is difficult. Basically I have a two story structure, but each level has a foundation. It looks like an upside down L.

My question is should I build the structure then the terrain, or the terrain then the structure? I appreciate any advise.

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Terrain was added as a feature in the year 2000 and as an adjunct you always buld the model first and then create the terrain plane. Once the terrain plane is completed, you then position it relative to the house or structure using the "Building Pad" input box of the "Terrain Specification Dialog" to move it, as an object up or down relative to the structure. So house-building first, terrain second.



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