"Cheapest" application with manual roof plane editing?


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I have a Home Designer Interiors file that was converted from an old CA file. For the most part things seem OK except some of the roof planes appear off.


I have a two storey building where the roof plane from the first floor is only partially respecting the walls of the second floor. I have tried replacing the second storey walls but the roof planes just keep building the same way and cut into the second storey walls.


HD Interiors doesn't have a manual roof plane or editing capability.


Can anyone advise the minimum version of the various Chief products that has roof plane editing?


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On 1/1/2020 at 1:50 AM, solver said:


Pro, but you may just not know what you are doing with the auto tools ;)

Fair point Eric, but this seems to have been an issue I've had for over the years as well as some new ones.


I managed to get the upper walls to be respected by the auto tool but this has caused additional problems.


As mentioned the original plan was prepared using an old version of CA. This had manual roof planes.


There are two main issues.


I can't seem to set a wall as being "eaveless" (0 mm overhang) when building a roof in HD Interiors. The Interiors version as you know is significantly cut down in terms of functionality but there seems to be either a bug or as you suggest a misunderstanding on my part.


The second issue possibly related to the first is that I don't get eaves on some sections of roof. This is usually when an upper floor wall is coincident with a lower floor wall. Certain logic might have this as correct but in my case it's just not right. I have experimented with eave overhang values but I suspect there's some buried algorithms that are causing this. 

I do notice that when you invoke the "build" process the eave value is preset. There doesn't seem to be a setting where the automatic eave build adopts the wall overhand setting.


I'm also a little concerned the actual help document seems to be incomplete is in this area.


Your advice appreciated.


Eave overhand set to 0



The settings for the build



The result. Should be eaveless.



Should be an eave here











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7 hours ago, AndrewEW said:

I can't seem to set a wall as being "eaveless" (0 mm overhang)


I often have problems with changing eave sizing for specific walls. The program seems to ignore the setting in many cases.


Also, you don't want a 0 eave overhang. Build a simple 1 room plan and experiment to see what the minimum overhang is.


Sometimes you need to trick the program into doing what you want.


Again working with the 1 room plan, set the overhang to some normal value. Draw a wall inside close to one of the exterior walls and uncheck Roof Over This Room on the resulting small room.


You might try similar logic to get the missing eaves. Create a small room where there should be an eave. Or use the wedge shapes from the library to make your own overhang.


And remember, you can always post the plan here to the forum. There are some people who are good at making the software do things ...

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On 1/2/2020 at 2:04 AM, solver said:


Sometimes you need to trick the program into doing what you want.


Well you're dead on.

6mm overhng = eaveless in my case.


Your "one room" diagnostic process was spot on.


Now I just need to sort out these "no eaves" issues.

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Once again thanks for the brilliant advice Eric.


I messed around with the wall segments that needed to have eaves and found a method that will generate the correct look but structurally it's incorrect.


I found if I offset the second storey wall inward by the width of the wall then the lower floor eaves overhangs will be generated along the length of the wall.


I tested with quite wide wall widths from 115mm to 250mm and the wall width is the key value.


The issue is the walls really are sitting directly above each other and have the eaves built.


I may have to build false invisible walls outside of the design to, as you say, trick the builder into building want I want to see.


Thanks again for the suggestions.



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