Importing plan picture and modifying it


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If you mean a "Picture" of a floor plan, then yes. You import the image or PDF file into a blank plan file and then check the dimensions of known objects like, for instance, most front doors are found to be 36" wide and interior doors and doorways to be 30 or 32 inches wide. It is even better if the image contains dimensions that can be measured in Home Designer with its dimension tools. You measure and then adjust the image size up or down based upon your measurements by grabbing a corner handle of the image or PDF pulling that selected corner out to enlarge or inward to make it smaller. You then check the dimensions in Home Designer again and again as you make changes until it measures out properly. Then you can just trace over the image using the wall, door and window tools to start the 3D model in Home Designer. Precision can then be created using known or annotated dimensions in Home Designer.



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