Need help with small HDS 2015 project


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I'm trying to design a 'garden shed' (or whatever you call it in English) as my first Home Designer Suite 2015 project.  Please look at the attached 3d view.


1.  I need to create a kind of triangular window like the green outline on the image and one mirrored copy of it.  Measurements: A=900mm, B=900mm and C=200mm. Angle between A and B is 90 degrees (A and C are paralell lines).   These windows should be placed in the front gable as the green outline.


2.  The overall length of the shed is 4000mm.  Over 2500mm length from the far end I want a 'floor' at the 'attic' level laying on beams of 50x100mm (blue lines on the image).  Hence the remaining 1300mm part of the 'attic' should have no floor.


3.  The roof gable overhang on the shed's ends should be asymmetric:  At the front side I want the roof to extend 1000mm out from the gable and this extension should be supported by two free-standing pillars.  At the opposite side there should be a more 'normal' overhang of only 300mm.  Now the drawing has a symmetrical 500mm on both ends.


4.  Now I cannot edit the ground floor and door/window dimensions on my drawing, I need to be able to do that (as I have read in the manual).  Also I would like to have a vertical section view where I can manually edit the height of the 'attic' floor height etc. 


I may also have cluttered the layers of the attic as I played a lot with this during my learning process.


For a HomeDesigner Suite wizard I assume that these fixes shouldn't take a long time.  Anyone care to help me?  For my own learning I would like it to be done on my Mac via the free TeamViewer remote control so I can watch how this is done.  If you want to help me, please contact me at my email address epost-at-bushsoft-dot-com and propose a fee payable in PayPal.


Finally, please excuse my bad English as English is definitely not my mother's tongue :-)





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Here is a short You Tube Video tutorial using your file:




Thanks a bunch, David!  This was really amazing.  I learned a lot.


Is it still a way to move the roof to the left (se attached image) and add a pillar (like the green one) to support the extended left roof?


The last thing I struggle with is a partial (from right) attic floor as colored in blue.  The yellow portion (to the left) shows where there should be no attic floor (free view up to see the triangular windows).  I would describe this as some kind of mezzanine floor.


Thanks for tips on how to achieve this too :-)


best regards




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