Using a truss floor, adjusting truss height

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I have upgraded to HD Pro in order to use floor trusses. I have been able to define a truss floor between a basement and first floor and its shows properly in a framing overview with 1 exception. For the span involved the truss needs to be 20" tall (height). So I need to adjust the dealt structure so that the Floor thickness (I think that is 'Floor Structure L' in the diagram to 20" (from 12 5/8) and the basement wall height (I thing that is Stem Wall 'I') to 100" (8' + 4" basement slab). I can change 'L' but 'I' change on its own and I cannot edit that. I would like to evaluate the stairs to assure I have room for a proper design.


The meaning of the values the structure dialog is vague and their source or math is a mystery - at least to me.


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I meant that I could not do it because I could not find that dialog box. I did not mean to imply that it might not work. I am still finding my way around Pro. I did eventually find it and it did work. Thank You!


A related question. I had to edit ever room in the finished basement to fix the floor evevation that got wacked when I changed the floor height. When I selected several of them, the entry box was not accessable. Is there a trick that would have made that a bit easier?


I am now able to get on with my design. Thanks Again!

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 Is there a trick that would have made that a bit easier?


When you change defaults, it changes everything.


Go to level 0 (basement), then, Edit > Default Settings > Floor


Change as needed.

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