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There are several other apps on the market that people are using.. Some even come with the Bluetooth measuring devices such as Leica Disto is one of the biggest ones with the most floorplan integration and industry use. Bosch GLM is a strong contender also,  Stanley Tools offers a Bluetooth and floorplan integration too. There are others out there on Amazon that offer Bluetooth and floorplan solutions. .  I think that it was a business decision by Chief Architect, because so many other solutions are on the market.


I know that this has been covered before in the past, I thought that I would share my thoughts..



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Thank you for the question. If you are already using Room Planner, you will be able to continue using it.  It is not available to purchase or download a s new app, but existing users can still access and download Room Planner.  We received feedback from customers that the Room Planner app was lacking in detail and accuracy for capturing as-builts.  Chief Architect is if focusing development resources on the desktop apps for OSX and Windows and the 3D Viewer on mobile to ensure we continue to lead the market with these products. 


Many are using Home Designer on a laptop or tablet computer such as the Microsoft Surface to capture as-builts.  Leica offers Bluetooth compatible laser devices that will interface with the computer and Home Designer, so that the measurements will go directly into the Home Designer similar to Room Planner. Here is a help article on how to hook up a Leica device with Home Designer.


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Chief Architect Software



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