New User, New Install, Constant Errors


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I logged a case in the support center several days ago with no response as of yet. I downloaded and installed Home Designer Pro Friday (9/13). The install went smooth with no issues. However when I opened the program and began to use it, I immediately started getting error pop ups. About the only thing I can do without receiving the error is draw walls. If I attempt to open an object to edit it I get the error. If I attempt to open a camera view, I get the same error. It seems that anything that requires an additional window to open results in this error. I can close the error window and the "open object" window will open and allow me to make changes. However the error will pop up again if I re-open the object. When attempting to open a camera view, I can also close the error window, but the camera view opens blank, with nothing in it. I have attached screen shots of the error messages and my system properties. I use this computer to run Solidworks among other things, so I can't imagine the computer hardware being insufficient. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 




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