Stairs that go through Arched doorway


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Bernard McPhillips
Monday, Sep 09, 2019 - 06:08 PM PDT
I always have a problem creating a stairway through a doorway. In this instance, I have an entry way to a house that has an arch. The stairs break almost in the middle of the arch. Whenever i place the stairs, anything above the treads disappears. In this case, the arch is no longer visible.
Please see the pics of my drawing and the actual arched entrance way, I am trying to replicate. This is also the case when going from a one floor to the other floor of a split level. Takes a lot of finagling to work around.
Thanks for any tips you may have.

arch with stairs breaking in middle.png

open below.png

stair unbroken.png

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There are too many variables to make general recommendations, but here is one idea.


I placed a doorway in the wall and pulled its bottom down creating a tall hole in the wall. 


The room where the landing is I made Open Below.



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