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4 minutes ago, NTFINEFURNITURE said:

I'm not sure how can I incorporate the stairs to a second floor and third floor


Don't understand what you are asking. What do you mean by "incorporate"?


5 minutes ago, NTFINEFURNITURE said:

how can I make a glass wall I would say, I've tried but I still don't figure it out (picture attached)


Your picture seems to show windows, not a glass wall.

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17 minutes ago, NTFINEFURNITURE said:

I just want to be able to see the stairs from the second floor


See them from where? Can you post a screen capture that shows where the stairs are missing?


18 minutes ago, NTFINEFURNITURE said:

as for the "glass wall" you're right I meant big windows


What is the problem doing the windows?

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You need a stairwell. You can draw 4 walls (usually railings) on the 2nd floor above the stair forming a room, then make the room type Open Below, or select the stairs and click the auto stairwell icon in the edit toolbar.


There are some good hour long getting started webinars on the YouTube channel linked above, and the Home Designer website has the Knowledge Base and videos too.

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