Auto Foundation Wall Not Aligning With Stud Wall


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This plan I'm working on auto-generated the foundation wall to align the outside edge of the block with the outside edge of the brick veneer of my stud wall; meaning, the brick I have on the foundation is sticking out past my stud wall brick. I didn't catch it until I placed windows and didn't see them in the 3d view. I thought I could fix it easily but it is more tedious than I expected to perfectly align under the stud wall. Ideally, I would like to delete the foundation and re-build it but I can't get it to do it correctly even if I use a plain block foundation wall type. As you can see in the glass house pick the windows are there and displayed, but they are hidden behind the brick extending up from the foundation. 


I set both my stud walls and foundation to have 1" air gap and 3" thick brick veneer. Foundation set to build platform from the edge of the block and the Stud wall set to align stud surface, so I'm not sure why it did this. The align wall tool just aligns it the same way it auto-generated. Perhaps its the order I did this in: I usually default to block foundation with siding stud walls THEN change the wall types. But the brick thickness sometimes causes headaches when I change the wall types after the fact. This time I set the walls to these settings before I started. 



Suggestions as to where I went wrong?





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