Layered Gabel Wall with Barge Rafters

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Does anyone have any idea how to extend an exterior wall above a given point to attain a layered look?  See picture.  With this affect, the roof line needs extending as well, aka. Barge Rafters.


Appreciate any tips.




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While we are thinking about this, please add your title (Suite, Pro etc) and version (10, 2015 etc) to your signature. 


Some have capabilities others do not, so help needs to focus on what you are able to do.


Do you have a better (bigger) image? Very difficult to see any detail.


How are you doing the curved roof over the window just below?

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Take Eric's advice in terms of when asking a question it needs to be in the context of what software you have and use. Each Title and Version have its own set of skills, tools and limitations which tend to define the answers.


Generally speaking you can do just about anything you can think of using Sketch Up to make custom applicques and objects, not native to Home Designer software and then import and use them. Native limitations exist and part of learning the software is learning what it natively can do and what must be done elsewhere to create just the needed-wanted effect.

The only real limiter is the end user and their ideas of what is acceptable.



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