Adding a shed roof over porch

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22 minutes ago, solver said:

May I suggest ...




Are you modeling an existing house, or is this a new design?


Solver, your back porch suggestion is a good one, however this is a small spec house and the shallow shed is cheaper.  We  are sacrificing design for dollars, where it doesn't show as much. I think the break in the front side is a great idea, looks good and goes with the money saving M.O. Now to figure out how to do it...

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2 hours ago, Rookie65 said:

Probably a good time to learn about creating manual roofs. Which direction do you want the shed roof to run?

Yes, it is a great time to learn. I'm doing my best to learn as quickly as I can. I would like the shed roof to be over the back porch and run from front to back.

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How about this?


Less expensive to build. Note the roof too. The side to side pitch is 8, front to back is 6. This reduces the height of the roof, making the house look better, and is less expensive. Moving the right side forward makes the roof cheaper too.


Are you constrained by a small lot? 




For a small house you could do the right side like this.




And a general suggestion. Try to keep your dimensions at even inches, 1/2" as the smallest fraction.




And make the actual dimensions accurate. This should be 10' 9.125", not 10' 9.105".





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    Yes, I am constrained by a narrow / small lot. That bathroom design is definitely the most space efficient, but I have difficulty cutting every corner. I add in the few things that are most important to me where I can. (tiny bathrooms make me crazy) 

I really appreciate all the suggestions. Measurements are fixed. Lowered the front pitch to 6. Love how it looks, but I'm not sure I did it correctly. Made a mess of the front porch trying to figure out how to add that break. I Just ended up deleting the front porch roof and I will get back to it tomorrow.

 Builder says no to moving the right side forward, so I am back to my original question. How to add a shed roof on the back porch?

Thank you,



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1 hour ago, solver said:


Another great option, but a different style than what I was going for. I wanted more cottage, less traditional. The house plans have already been approved thru the HOA, so I really can't completely redesign it. 

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Manual roofs are not difficult, but they do take practice.


Good videos on the Chief Architect YouTube channel. Look for the Home Designer ones about roofs.


David has a bunch on his YouTube channel too --


I have a few as well --

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