Storage shed not at ground level, how to move it down

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Problem: Slab floor shed is sitting above ground level instead on the ground, cannot find a way to lower it.


If I build the slab first it is at the proper height but the walls float above it level with the main structure wall height.


I can set the foundation height above the ground easily enough for the rest of the structure but the slab floors have no option to change it.


I have looked, looked again, looked all over......tried everything I can find as well.


Our plans are nearly completed, been quite a learning curve with the program and using it to completely remodel an RV with slide outs, great fun:)


Any help will be greatly appreciated.




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Thanks for the quick response!

Unfortunately I cannot find that on the 2019 Home Designer I am using.

Can you please post where to find it?

I did mean to use the term elevation and have searched for help on it to no avail.


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 I am a bit embarrassed as have used that quite a bit, many months just does not offer the Structure selection if I build the slab first, only if I the walls first.


BUT, it still has the walls floating above the slab though set at zero under Absolute Elevations, Relative Heights it has a value of 36" for the stem wall, grayed out, default set, cannot change it but not using a foundation so it should be I would imagine but not keeping the walls floating above the slab.


Perhaps I have to learn how to bring the shed I already built on a separate file onto this plan?


Perhaps a limitation of the version I use.


(It is a very nice shed plan. 10 ft tall on one end, 8ft on the other, only 8x12 due to limitations in the place we keep the RV in, very well insulated, Anderson windows, wet bath, work benches, upper windowed loft for my wife's gardening...materials all bought on Craigslist for 10-20% of retail:)



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6 minutes ago, raamaudio said:

it just does not offer the Structure selection if I build the slab first, only if I the walls first.


The program is designed to build walls, then define the floor structure and have the program build it.


You don't generally, "build the slab first". Doing so creates a disconnect between the walls and foundation so the program places the walls at their default elevation.

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I realize that now so not sure why it even allows to build a slab first unless it is meant to be for a patio, etc......




Still does not fix the issue if I build walls first, they still float at 36" when working on the original plan and adding the shed.


I do not have the pro version and found this just now in the comparison of the different offerings.


"Advanced Foundation Controls. Specify foundation types by room, foundations with slab at top of Stem Wall, garage slabs with monolithic foundations, foundation piers as round or square, and other foundation customizations.

  • --   --  Yes"  Only the pro version has this marked.



Do you know if it possible to bring in the shed plan from the other file into the main file for the RV?




I VERY MUCH appreciate your help on this:)


I have posted tens of thousands of times on car audio and performance sites helping others and over a million emails when I ran my business as well so nice to get some help on this. I have no training on this program, only taken one mechanical drawing class ever, 50 years ago, I still have a lot to learn so have designed some pretty interesting tiny homes for fun.

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Wow, I am so impressed and happy that you have taken the time to do this for me and hope others will might see this to help them as well!!!:):):)


I will check it out right now, I bet it works!




Now that you showed me this it does seem rather simple so still a bit embarrassed.

I have a foundation drawn in under the RV so that I can show the different color, etc of the quality metal skirting I have around it, 3" of foam insulation under that. We are leaving this one parked as in an incredibly beautiful place we do not want to give up, Later we are restoring a 20 ft aluminum classic trailer for traveling, not an Airstream, cool but to common for our taste.



If you want to check out the RV plan I can send it via email, do not want it public just yet as working on a way to help others that want to get out of the system but might not have a lot to invest. It is far less costly than building a big tiny house and we have a very low impact since nearly all repurposed, bought used or new but wrong ordered, left overs, etc...will have around $50k into something that would be $300-400k if had it custom built as an RV, much less as a tiny house.  Planning, designing, drawing plans then DIY building all several times more work than building a house which I have done more than once.


As long as I keep the weight below the tag limits on the RV, height at or below 13.5 ft, width under 8.5 ft, I can do anything I want to it without permits, inspections.....of course I take the time to do everything to a very high standard for quality and safety. We went RVing for the fun of traveling in our own space but got so used to the size, 425 sq ft, 8ft ceilings and other aspects I just no longer wanted a house, mortgage, property tax as one time registration and not moving it, no more fixed neighbors we I may or may not like....if someone we knows wants a house I would gladly help them design it but would do my best to downsize sq ft and upsize the quality of components and construction.




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