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I am interested in having a colorful floor plan to make it look more interesting. 


is is there a way to do this in HDPro 2020 or do we need to export and use photoshop to make it colorful on the background of the floor plan


i know that white is the desired color of choice for seeing information 


A color would add texture to the document and make more interesting 


thx for the feedback 

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Each Room Specification Dialog has a "Fill" tab where you can change the "fill color" in plan views. Other changes one can make is to add furniture, plants, sidewalks, driveways, and shrubbery to floor plan views, it is up to you and the tools at hand.



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Thanks David... I found this out by tinkering.. :)


After I discovered what was available.. I see what I am looking for is more of a photoshop look.


If I could take my Dollhouse view and tie it into my floor plan.. Eureka..


I love the Dollhouse view.. It just never comes out at a decent size to get the desired angles of all the rooms with the contents...  Hence the desire to make the 2D plan colorful..


Thanks for your feedback.. As always very helpful...and on point... :)



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