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I'm hoping someone can help with this issue. I am making two sets of plans, a house and a cottage.

Both plans look fine in plan and layout mode. When I print to PDF the house plans look fine with nice thin lines so can view every detail with ease. 

But when I print to PDF the cottage plans, the lines and electrical details all look way too BOLD. As if they are colored in with a marker. 

I have tried comparing the display options in both plans and they are the same. It seems to be an issue when I print to PDF but I can't find any settings to adjust. If anyone can give advise, I'd be very grateful. Thank you.

See attached PDF for cottage.

A7 Cottage electrical plan-second floor.pdf

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Thank you David. I'll try that. The weird thing is that both house and cottage plans have the same line weights but the house isn't printing thick lines. But all the same, I can lower the value on the line weights for the cottage to at least get it fixed. Thanks again!:)

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