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Change fascia elevations to different heights?

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I am trying to make the fascia elevation different like what is shown in the black and white picture attached. When I do this, the roof gets all messed up. Please help me to make my plan look like this picture. Also I am wanting to change the roof pitch to match the black and white image. One more problem I was having was getting the automatic roof tool to work properly when I made the front porch exactly the way the black and white image is shown. The main front entry way is wider than the other openings and when I did this and tried to create a roof automatically, the roof did not come to an exact peak like the black and white image. Please let me know what time I can call to get on the phone with someone about this.



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This is a user to user forum -- no "get on the phone with someone about this", unless someone volunteers. 


We need your product name (suite, Pro etc), and version (10, 2014 etc) to provide the best response. You may add this to your signature -- see mine, so it's always there.


The fascia height is different on the porch. How did you do that?


Lots of good info at

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no phone support here sorry though you have that option   by phoning Chief Directly   ,we are all end users only here ,



this is the Home Designer Support info.


Chief Architect Software

6500 N. Mineral Dr
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815
Business Hours: M-F 6:00am to 5:00pm Pacific

Sales / Customer Service:
208-292-3400 / 800-482-4433
Call Sales on Skype: chief.architect.sales
Technical Support:
Product Suggestions:
General Information

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If you have Home Designer Pro you can manually-selectively raise and lower any roof plane using the "Transform-Replicate - Move" dialog. If you do not have Home Designer Pro then you must control roof baseline-plate heights by each "Room Specification dialog box - Structure tab-Ceiling Height" input box per space before rebuilding roofs.Most Home Designer software applications operate on presettings, either factory preset or manually set by your choice and needs. That is all it does so it depends upon you to then know where those settings are and what they are for.


Study them, practice using them and then this software becomes the tool it was designed  to be under your hands.



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