House addition with different level foundation

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Hello and thanks for taking the time to read this.


I'm learning HDP 2020 and doing a design job for a friend who's a contractor. The framed 36x56 addition is being added to an existing block garage/appt. that is 36x40 and the foundation for the addition will be 16" higher due to ground slope. The existing structure will have the roof trimmed flush with the wall of the new addition. Is there a way for me to build the garage exactly how I need it and then lock it so nothing gets changed when doing the build roof tool or foundation build tools on the addition?


Is there a specific method for going about doing this type of work in HDP 2020 that I'm missing?


While I'm here and to keep this all in one thread, the client wants wood columns and concrete piers to support the roof over the porches, any tips on how to achieve this?


Thank you for any help you may provide, very thankful.


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Everything in this software is governed by its pre-programming and settings and procedures that you follow to get a product. In this case, you wish to have two spaces set to different floor levels and corresponding, supporting foundations. The foundation being 16" higher will mean that either you set the additions floor level setting (in the Room Specification Dialog - Structure Tab - Floor Height") 16"  higher than the existing structure or you set the floor the same and raise the foundation walls above that floor setting and place a moisture barrier to keep out moisture penetration. One is more expensive than the other. but the main difference is the addition floor setting in terms of floor height. It is the choice of the designer to make. when settings are correct, you get the desired outcome, when they are not you get a confused outcome.


There are not "tricks or short cuts" only competent use and understanding of where the settings are, what they do and what you want to have happen.



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