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I look in  chief talk found some useful articles for there i watched face mounted deck rail newels

1. Built a deck with straight deck tool no rails

2.Added the rails around the outside of the deck

3.Then i raised the deck with regenerate framing check 

4. Then I went to the railing and changed the bottom rail height and in elevation raised the rail to the appropriate height 36" 

And this is the result 

Thou i do have one problem on one side when i move the rail back to the house it wants to generate a roof but build roof is not checked ? image 3-4 left hand corner of rail

And i guess i have to create my own railing for it to be 100% correct as the top and bottom rail are flat in the default and usually they are on edge for PT Deck rails 

And hopefully Chief will make a change to the program as mounting post on the inside of the deck is quite a bit more expensive in labor and material to meet 2015 IRC 

attached detail

deck post.PNG

deck post 2.PNG

roof from deck rail.PNG


Post Mounting.PNG

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As a 3D cad type guy (furniture design/build) I have found the best way for me to learn is by just diving in and learning by my mistakes, and I try to never pass those mistakes onto my clients. That being said, i heavily rely on a few other learning processes like Youtube how-to videos.  Experts such as David Jefferson Potter, among others, offers for free, his oftentimes comical yet ALWAYS informative Youtube videos (search his name on YTube). And of course i cannot forget to mention the infamous SOLVER, who shares so much of his Chief knowledge on this forum.

Also, it is soooo rare to see someone on ANY forum that follows through with their  solution and with such awesome detail, so I'm sending out props to Matconinc as well.

-rc   P.S. what's with the hate??? >>>>>


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