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10 minutes ago, covetkitchens said:

Usually there is a template title block or a border available when you create a layout


The default layout has one. It looks like this.




What do you see?

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This is what I see, 




message reads: 


c:\p4sync\dev\releases\21.1\chief\source\documentfactory.cpp(337): Warning #272011639

"The template plan "C:/Users/Pinky/Documents/Home Designer Pro 2020 Data/Templates/ProfileM.layout" was created by a professional version of Chief Architect. You cannot use this plan as a template. A new plan will be created without using a template."

4/24/2019 10:31:47 AM


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1 hour ago, covetkitchens said:

I have a created a new layout


You are creating a plan. A layout is different, and where you would find a title block as per my image above.


Suggest you work through the Tutorial found under Help to get an understanding of how the program works.


As for your problem, you probably need to contact Support via the website, but try this first.


Close Pro.


Rename the Templates directory.


Start Pro. It will create a new Templates directory from its backup.


Start a new plan to test.

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