Terrain slope trouble


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As you can see from the attached photos and screenshot, I am trying to model some terrain so I can better visualize some proposed changes. Unfortunately, I cannot get the model to show the compound slope at one end of photo (where it slopes down away from the viewer AND slopes down to the left also).

I tried using terrain regions as suggested in a previous topic but these do not seem to be working as expected.






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Hello rfcomm2k,


Keep the upper terrain  feature in your plan as is, 0".


Break the lower terrain feature into 3 smaller terrain regions, with the highest elevation on the right region (-18"), middle region a few of inches lower, and left region lower by a few of inches, or whatever the elevations might be.


Delete all of the smaller terrain regions between the gravel driveway and the road. They just cause trouble. 


Set the road to 0" so it just matches or follows the terrain slopes.  


Spread them apart so that the blending from one region to another is more gradual.


Unless auto rebuild terrain is set to "on" rebuild the terrain. 


This should get you going. 


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Thanks DIG5050. I tried that and it is almost working for me, but what concerns me is that there is not a smooth transition from right to left of the downhill slope of the neighbors driveway. Instead, it seems that the drive maintains -18" for most of the first region, then there is a quite obvious transition from -18 to -22, then another from -22 to -26. I spread the regions apart by 7'. Then I widened the gap to 11 feet. This slightly improved the transition, but then I got odd places showed up in the "garden bed" between the driveway and the parking space.

Ideally, I should be able to draw a flat rectangle in floorplan view for the garden bed, and another flat rectangle for the driveway. Then, grab the left edge of the driveway and in some way tell the software that this edge is at -26", and grab the right edge and tell the software that this edge is at -18". Or, in elevation view grab the line that represents the driveway and rotate it so that the right side is at -18 and the left side is at -26. Then, in elevation view, grab a corner of the garden rectangle and drag it down to create the compound slope. Simple, right? At least this is how I visualize I would do it. But conforming to how the software actually wants it done is another problem.

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I would use terrain elevation lines to represent the slope of the property.  At least, that is what I used to create the elevation views for my house plans drawn in back in 2016. 


You can specify the lines at intervals and as the slope of the property permits, and the program will interpolate between the lines to create a gentler slope. This eliminates the more abrupt changes and makes for a smoother transition between the elevation lines.


It takes a bit of fiddling with the elevation lines and such, but you can end up with what you want. 


Start a default plan and add a terrain perimeter, and 4 - 5 terrain elevation lines.  Place them at an angle across the terrain, from upper right corner to lower left corner.  The lowest terrain line should be at the lower left corner of the terrain perimeter..


Then, starting at 0" in the upper right corner, define them at -12" increments.  After this, generate a 3D view and look at it. You will see that it is more like you envisioned. 


Ultimately, a combination of the lines and regions will be necessary to get what you want. 

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