What are these X marks on first floor

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First time user, still learning many things. I have a 1 1/2 story house I am modeling. It has two full gable roofs at right angles. I created the main one, then the second. Auto roof would not produce the entire roof like this. Was not familiar with merging these two manual roofs, so manually removed the main roof section under the second roof intersection- it's an attic room I will be making into a master closet. As a result, I'm left with a number of faintly outlined capital X marks- see attached picture. I believe these to be artifacts from when I was trying to get the two roofs to intersect, but I would like to get rid of them, at least turn them off. How can I do this? I have watched the roof tutorials and searched the forum and help, but I can't find anything.

what are the x marks 2.jpg

what are the x marks 1.jpg

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Looks like you used a small roof plane over the bumpout.


Select the main roof plane, put a break (3 key) where the arrow is and drag the lower edge out.



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Thanks for the suggestions. Turned out the X's were temporary move points, and I found out how to

delete them from your suggestion. I wasn't aware there are webinars on the Chief YouTube channels,

in addition to the video tutorials on the website. I will look at them.



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