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Printing from within floor plan - a useful discovery.

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I discovered something today -  that floor plans are printable from within the floor plan working area; Just got it!

The drawing sheet on the floor plan is turned on under View\Drawing Sheet - see image.

The Drawing Sheet can be selected like other objects on floor plan and moved to suit. This can also be shown and printed from all floor levels thru to the attic -

meaning I can print all floor plans with the  drawing sheet positioned suitably over all floor plan levels; ( So they look similar in presentation)

This meant I can now save views and drop them onto floor plans over each level....

So, it means I am not limited to just one layout for HDPro - as I can have as many levels as I like displaying whatever I like -before I even start to use my single Layout file.

This was an opportune discovery for me. But a very useful find indeed in regards to limited output of HD.

Anyway - this feature may be useful to other users?

Working to print from multiple floor plans as well as a layout file - is of great value to my day to day workings.

Note - the first image below is from the 1st floor plan level - its not a Layout file.

Happy modelling.



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