Material Used in HD-Arch'16 Not Found in HD-Pro'19


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In my Home Designer Architect 2016 floor plan I used a "Material" found in the following Library path (for several Exterior Walls):


     Manufacturer Catalogs > Coronado Stone > Ledgestones > Old World Ledge > Old World Ledge Wintergreen


After I upgraded to Home Designer Pro 2019 I uploaded the Manufacturer Catalogs for 2019, which included Coronado Stone.  When I opened a "copy" (of the same floor as noted above) in my HD-Pro'19, the "Old World Ledge Wintergreen" does show for the applicable Exterior Walls.  But I am not able to assign the "Old World Ledge Wintergreen" to any new objects since it does not exist in the 2019 Manufacturer Catalog for Coronado Stone.  How can I upload and install the missing "Old World Ledge Wintergreen" material type? . . .


. . . Just figured it out!  Had to download the 2016 Coronado.calibz zipped file (42,837 KB) into a different folder, so as to not "replace" the 2019 Coronado.calibz zipped file (910,457 KB), and then performed the following command: "Library > Import Library" and specified the 2016 Coronado.calibz zipped file.


The only thing I am unsure about is whether the now updated Manufacturer Catalog for Coronado Stone is a merger of the 2016 and 2019 material items or not.  Maybe someone can shed some light on this matter.  If the result is a merger, this would solve "missing material" when upgrading Chief Architect Home Designer versions and migrating floor plans created under prior versions.  Thank you in advance for your feedback and assistance in this matter.

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