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  1. Eric, your suggestions worked perfectly. Home Designer Pro 2022 has "Preferences" located at the bottom of the "Edit" tab pulldown list. Thank you for your assistance in this matter as it is immensely appreciated. Enjoy your weekend.
  2. Update: Apparently, the Exteriors and Landscaping, Road and Parking 3D Library Catalog item I purchased this morning has not been installed. When I click on Download, it opens my Home Designer Pro 2019 version instead of giving me the option to select which Home Designer Pro version (2022) where I want it installed. I opened each Home Designer Pro version (2022 and 2019), and it has not been installed into either version. I need it installed into 2022! Can someone please assist me with this issue, or should I be calling Home Designer Tech Support? Thank you in advance.
  3. I just purchased a 3D catalog for my Home Designer Pro 2022, but it was installed into my 2019 version buy mistake. How do I move it from my 2019 version to my 2022 version?
  4. Worked perfectly. Thank you for your assistance and your prompt response.
  5. Does anyone know how to create pull down attic stairs Home Designer Pro?
  6. Thanks Eric. When I access the Marvin link noted in your responses above, a listing of the following file types are shown: AutoCAD (DWG), AutoCAD (DXF), Chief Architect X6 thru X10 for Marvin Windows and Doors, Revit, SketchUp, SoftPlan and two PDF files (Tips for Using Revit Files and Installing a SoftPlan Library). Next I opened (double-clicked on) the Chief Architect X7 Marvin Windows and Doors zip file (39.1MB), which contains 30 files; one of which is named Marvin.calib (40,981KB). I copied and pasted the Marvin.calib file into my applicable Home Designer Pro 2019 Data folder (for me named Database Libraries) and performed the Library ► Import Library (.calib, .clibz)... function and I am now able to install Marvin Windows and Doors. Next I repeated this same process for the Integrity from Marvin Windows and Doors tab (adjacent to the Marvin Windows and Doors tab). I opened (double-clicked on) the Chief Architect X7 Integrity Windows and Doors zip file (40.4MB), which contains 5 files; one of which is named IntegrityX7.calib (181,410KB) and executed the same Import Library steps noted above. I am not sure if the Chief Architect Marvin and/or Integrity Windows and Doors *.calib files were updated in any of the X8 thru X10 versions or not. Do you know by chance? Consequently, I used the Chief Architect X7 versions as it appears the Marvin and Integrity Windows and Doors *.calib files were Last Updated on 08/02/17 according to the Chief Architect Library 3D catalog listing. Again, thank you Eric for your invaluable assistance.
  7. Chief Architect Library 3D show they are available for both X8 / 2017 (Chief Architect X8 and Home Designer 2017 respectively).
  8. I downloaded and installed the Marvin & Integrity Windows and Doors *.Calibz files, which are nothing more than "Visit Website" links. The "Integrity Windows and Doors - Visit Website" (www.integritywindows.com) and the "Marvin Windows and Doors - Visit Website" (www.marvin.com) links take you to a listing of PDF, Word and Video files but there are no Chief Architect Library 3D (*.Calib) files available for downloading. In the Chief Architect Library 3D for both the "Integrity Windows and Doors" and the "Marvin Windows and Doors" under the "Project Description" they each state "A Chief Architect catalog is hosted and maintained by this brand. Visit Marvin's website to download a Chief Architect compatible catalog." If they actually exist, where do I find Marvin & Integrity Windows and Doors 3D files (presumably *.Calib files) that I can download and install into my Chief Architect Home Designer Pro 2019 program. Thank you in advance for your assistance, Rick.
  9. Eric, thank you for your assistance. I followed your instructions verbatim and was able to make the additional changes required (as you noted would be needed). It is gratifying to know there are individuals like yourself out there who take the time to assist those of us with much less experience and knowledge. I first began using Chief Architect software products back in 1993 when I purchased a Broderbund product from an Egghead software retail store in Bellevue, WA. Research revealed this Broderbund software product was a "lite" version of Advanced Relational Technology (ART) out of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. My first ART software product purchased was ART 95. I am an intermittent user who has purchased many versions over the past 25 plus years. Thanks again for your assistance and have a great weekend, Rick.
  10. Attached a zipped file of my plan after I closed it and attached two JPG images exported from 3D cameras with Vector view set. Thank you. 2886-SF Modern Style 9-15-17 Foot Ceilings 174-SF Office Loft 3-on-12 Hip Roof 031419.zip
  11. Note that I updated my signature, which now appears in my original posting above. Attached is a zip file of my plan and two *.jpg images. Thank you. 2886-SF Modern Style 9-15-17 Foot Ceilings 174-SF Office Loft 3-on-12 Hip Roof 031419.zip
  12. Over my 1st floor Office (with a 97 1/8" rough ceiling height) I created a 2nd floor Office Loft (with a 97 1/8" rough ceiling height) including spiral stairs for access. In the 2nd floor Office Loft I inserted two Pass-Through windows: one overlooking the 1st floor Great Room (with a 180 1/8" rough ceiling height) and one overlooking the 1st floor Foyer (with a 206 7/8" rough ceiling height). In 3D camera view the two 2nd floor. For testing purposes, I copied and pasted these 2nd floor Office Loft Pass-Through windows into a 1st room and they display correctly in 3D camera view. Thank you in advance for any assistance provided.
  13. In my Home Designer Architect 2016 floor plan I used a "Material" found in the following Library path (for several Exterior Walls): Manufacturer Catalogs > Coronado Stone > Ledgestones > Old World Ledge > Old World Ledge Wintergreen After I upgraded to Home Designer Pro 2019 I uploaded the Manufacturer Catalogs for 2019, which included Coronado Stone. When I opened a "copy" (of the same floor as noted above) in my HD-Pro'19, the "Old World Ledge Wintergreen" does show for the applicable Exterior Walls. But I am not able to assign the "Old World Ledge Wintergreen" to any new objects since it does not exist in the 2019 Manufacturer Catalog for Coronado Stone. How can I upload and install the missing "Old World Ledge Wintergreen" material type? . . . . . . Just figured it out! Had to download the 2016 Coronado.calibz zipped file (42,837 KB) into a different folder, so as to not "replace" the 2019 Coronado.calibz zipped file (910,457 KB), and then performed the following command: "Library > Import Library" and specified the 2016 Coronado.calibz zipped file. The only thing I am unsure about is whether the now updated Manufacturer Catalog for Coronado Stone is a merger of the 2016 and 2019 material items or not. Maybe someone can shed some light on this matter. If the result is a merger, this would solve "missing material" when upgrading Chief Architect Home Designer versions and migrating floor plans created under prior versions. Thank you in advance for your feedback and assistance in this matter.