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Checked your recent plan.


The floor platforms are wrong. The images show floor 1, floor 2, and the third shows the 2 floors.


It looks like you should have a basement, a first floor and a second floor for the bonus room.


The porch should be defined with invisible walls, or a room divider, and set as a porch in the Room Specification dialog.


Set the garage as a garage too.


I don't see how you have been able to continue working with the plan as is.


I would start by redrawing, getting your floor platforms correct.

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I get a message. "this plan created on another product version.  you will only be able to view this plan. I can view it ok.


this one is too far off our vision. some problems:1.  don't like the porch on the end like that. those corner windows are for a mountain view. don't want the porch over them. 2. no coat closet by the front entry. 3. don't really like hip roofs for the front elevation. I think I want a gable over the garage so I can incorporate one of these and have a front facing view window out of the bonus room.

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