How to create a walk-out bay window

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I am new to the software (using HD Architectural 2015, v16.4.1.20x64) and I'm trying to build an accurate floor plan of my house so that I can evaluate several renovations I would like to do.  I have successfully built most of the structure (I also have the original house blueprints which made it pretty easy), but there is one 'feature' of my house that I'm having trouble with and I can't seem to find a solution in the knowledgebase, etc.


My living room has a bump-out, meaning, there is a trapezoid that extends out one side.  The walls of the trapezoid contain windows (like a traditional bay window), but the floor is unbroken.  The ceiling height drops inside the trapazoid but only by about a foot from the rest of the room.  The floor is continuous.


The structure is built using cantilever beams extending out over the foundation wall, which on that side of the house is straight from end-to-end (the house foundation is basically a standard 36'x26' rectangle).


So my question is, how do I build this structure into my floor plan?  If I put a bay window there and the floor level stays the same (as it does in real life) then the software wants to build a foundation under the bay that doesn't exist in the real structure.  The same thing happens if I just draw the structure using exterior walls.  I've attached two pictures of the structure I'm trying to build.  One photo is the exterior and the other is (part of) the interior (meant primarily to show the floor).


In a very generic sense I couldn't find anything on how to represent cantilevered structures like this but that may just be my unfamiliarity with everything at this point.


Apologies if this is covered somewhere else, but I couldn't find it in all my searching through the documentation and the various forms of on-line help.


Thanks in advance...



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