Purchasing a Large Format Printer

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I'm starting this thread as a resource for myself and others. I'm a one-man operation drawing simple plans as a side gig/marketing gimmick for my building supply. I'm tired of professional printers screwing up my larger, 18x24, prints so I'm in the market for a large format printer under 1k. Does anybody have any reviews, knowledge, or experience with these products? I figured it might be helpful to have a thread on this considering many of us on this board are amateurs and don't do the volume to justify a several thousand dollar investment. If this isn't where this belongs feel free to redirect me. 


I've been looking at the HP DesignJet T120, but does anybody have any other recommendations or thoughts on this printer? Or large-format printers in general? https://www8.hp.com/us/en/large-format-printers/designjet-printers/t120.html

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