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When I add elevation lines the software adds rogue lines that seem to originate around the plans dimension reference lines creating hills and valleys. How do I avoid this and how do I remove the ones that exist? I am using Suite 2019. I tried to add the plan file but it was larger than 25MB.

Outbuilding faulty elevation

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Watched tutorial for adding file
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Home Designer Suite 2019's price hovers around $100.00 US and is well worth the money one pays to obtain it, however, the presence of unwanted lines is mainly a "report card" on your understanding and adherence to preprogrammed procedures that are designed into the software by its makers. Home Designer Architectural costs around $200.00 and offers more built-in tools to edit and correct such unwanted behavior. Then Home Designer Pro at just under $500.00 delivers more to make 3D modeling easier and faster. Then lastly Chief Architect Premier allows for an absolute zero of unwanted lines but it costs around $2,800.00 dollars and of course all software, in order to get the predesigned results must be diligently learned and used.


Suite, once thoroughly learned and used can obtain a near zero of unwanted appearances by well-studied users. Architectural and Home Designer Pro offer even closer to zero ability to minimize, closer to zero such unwanted appearances. Only Chief Architect Premier offers zero unwanted lines and supply's specific tools to edit the final results to a 100% clean and intended appearance for printed, scaled plans and renderings.


That said, without an example to view of what you are complaining of, helpers can only offer sympathy and generalized explanations as to what MIGHT be occurring and why. Please post some imagery, screen captures of what you are seeing that you do not want so others can actually help and advise you. Help us, help you to the degree we can.



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