Enclosing a glass balcony with railings.


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Hi everyone,
I'm a beginner on HDSuite 2018 for Mac. 
I'm working on the interiors for an apartment (which don't seem to covered in Home Designer at all!). Most pf the tutorials seem to be for individual houses, so I'm really winging it!
I need to build a balcony, with the railings on 3 sides. The 3 walls rise around 6" from the floor, with the railings ON TOP of the masonry. I have no idea how to do this, because every time I add a railing on top of a half-wall, it replaces the wall entirely. 
I ALSO need to enclose this balcony completely on all sides with glass panels, rising from the wall in front of the railings up to the ceiling. 
I'm totally flummoxed and need help, have to finish this ASAP as it's holding up everything else. I've read and re-read all the tutorials I can find to no use.


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Thank you very much, David, for that prompt reply, and a possible solution! 
However, I sort of worked around my problem in the interim, by adding floor to ceiling fixed-glass windows as i need to enclose the whole balcony. I'm hoping my client won't miss seeing the railings too much in the initial renders!

My new problem though, is adding turf, decking and pebbles to the balcony, as landscaping. I've enclosed a picture of approximately what I need to do, and I'll be super obliged if you'd guide me through that process! 
Thanks again!


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