Split level framing issues


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Hello everyone,
I finally was able to create a split level structure. Although I haven't attempted to do the roof, who's ridges go with the length of the building, instead of perpendicular as in the tutorial. 
I did notice a couple of discrepancies in the framing. On the 2nd storey where the ceiling joists tie in to the wall, the rim joist just butts against it. Of course i would prefer they bear on that wall (probably with blocking). 
The other is the 1st floor wall that divides the garage and a room behind it. It shows a small cripple wall and a space before the bottom plate of the actual wall. (The elevation difference should be 13") I am not sure if this is a glitch or due to the split level. 
I would prefer that wall came down as one piece. 
Can anyone tell me what might have happened around these two conditions. I checked the alignment of the 2nd storey wall and it seems okay. I could get rid of the rim joist on the 2nd floor ceiling joist ceiling and stretch the ceiling joists through the wall and then add joist blocking below the joists? This is how it would happen in real life. So i'm not sure if this is a glitch or if HDPro is capable of doing this and i have done something "wrong" or not done something that I should have. Once again the tutorials are of no use in this a seemingly specialized circumstance. 
On the wall between the garage and the bedroom, I could delete the fussy little bits, move the plate down and stretch the studs to that plate. But once again would like to know if this is something I missed or did to create this condition. 

Apart from that, I am very happy to have created this umpteenth version of a split level structure. Of course now I'll have to reconstruct just to see if I remember how I did it. 
I will attach the plan file and a couple of screen shots to help you understand the problem.
Thanks for any help you can provide.


2nd floor ceiling hanging on side of wall.PNG

2nd floor ceiling hanging on side of wall_LI.jpg

creating a split level structure.plan

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