Unusual Roof Issue


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I'm recreating my house so that I can plan a semi-soon remodel project.


My master bedroom has a small angle on either side sort of like a 1-1/2 story except my walls are 80 inches high.  I tried the technique that I've read by adjusting the ceilings down to 80 inches, turning off the auto roof then readjusting the ceiling height back to the default but as you can see from my images, the results are not as expected.


The first image is prior to lowering the ceiling height.  The second image is after the ceiling has been raised again.




I've tried everything I can think to try but I suspect it might have something to do with the strange layout.  There's a closet in the room that partially falls under the higher roof and partially under the lower roof.  After I lower the roof but before I raise it again, there's a hole in the wall on either side of the roof that seems like it could be caused by the same issue that is causing my roof problem. 




Anyone have any suggestions?


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I tried deleting the walls numerous times before and nothing happened.  I tried again since you suggested it and it turns out I just wasn't clicking in the right area because it worked this time so thank you very much.


The holes in the wall actually got slightly bigger and I tried to fill them in with the shapes but didn't have much luck getting it to work.  I'll try again tomorrow when I have more time.


Thanks again.



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