Animated Pull-down Attic Stairs


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I just downloaded some attic pull-down stairs from 3D Warehouse.  There is one model that says the stairs are “animated” and that they open and close by clicking.  Another one says it can be shown in the up or down position by opening the layer manager and selecting and de-selecting either “Stairs UP” layer or “Stairs DOWN” layer.  These are all .skp files.  I’m not familiar with details of 3D modeling, but I was just wondering if there was any combination of keys (e.g., function keys, etc.) or any way to do an end run in HD Pro that would allow me to show one of these stair models in either position, or are these options only available in Sketchup?  This would be analogous to how we can show a door open or closed in HD software by selecting “Options” and “Show Open” or “Show Closed”.  

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