Gambrel roof with shed roof combined


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I am modeling our barn that has a gambrel roof over the right part and a shed roof over the left part.  A photo of the actual barn is here (photo 1).




I am able to create a gambrel roof over the entire barn, but when I try to get it to stop at the interior wall, I’m not sure how to do it.  If I break the walls on the front and rear of the barn at the interior wall intersection and designate the interior wall as a high shed/gable wall as recommended in one of the videos to get a shed roof, I get a very bizarre roof (see photo 2). 




I am able to get the gambrel roof over the main barn and if I remove the roof over the shed part (smaller room on left), it is looking pretty close (see photo 3),





but I can’t figure out how to get the part on the left covered with a shed roof.  I have been through all the videos, the roof webinar, the knowledge base, the reference guide, and the tutorials in the users’ guide but haven’t seen any mention of “combined” roofs.  Any help would be appreciated.  I have attached my file.


Barn - 1.plan



1.       Is it possible to model the actual barn in Architectural, or do I need Pro so I can manually generate the roof planes?

2.       If it is possible in Architectural, what steps have I omitted or screwed up?








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Thank you for the very clear video.  It's becoming clearer to me that since I can't do everything in Architectural, I need to start thinking out of the box more.  Your approach was a very good one based, I'm sure, on a lot of experience.  I very much appreciate your time to help me resolve this.



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